Photo: Fiona Grech

The Pepper & Salt Story

It’s been a full circle for Silas and Angela, who in 2007, along with their children, Marley and Levi (Lumeah was born in 2008), packed up their life in Victoria and headed to Denmark where Silas had been offered the position as head chef at Forest Hill Vineyard. With his passion for locally sourced produce combined with his love of spices, Silas’ dishes became a big hit. Fast track to 2010 and Pepper & Salt Restaurant was born! Silas’ creativity with herbs and spices produced an outstanding menu that showcased his Fijian-Indian heritage, and with Angela and the team’s friendly and attentive service, Pepper & Salt Restaurant became a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike. In 2013, Silas and Angela welcomed the opportunity to relocate their restaurant from Rockcliffe Winery to Forest Hill Vineyard where they continue to develop creative dishes paired with excellent service.

Chef Silas Masih

When you listen to Silas talk about food you know you’re listening to someone who is passionate about the dishes he creates. Growing up in an Indian community in Fiji, Silas’ love affair with food began in his grandmother’s kitchen where he spent many afternoons grinding spice in a mortar while his grandmother prepared meals for the household. After completing his chef apprenticeship in Brisbane, Silas worked on Hayman Island Resort for two years (where he met Ang), before moving to Melbourne where he became head chef at Geelong Grammar.  His dream of owning his own restaurant resulted in Pepper & Salt where his passion for food hasn’t stopped yet!

For Silas, being a chef isn’t a job, it’s a way of life. ‘If it doesn’t come from the inner depths of your heart then your work as a chef is not done.’

Angela Masih

Since the age of 17, hospitality has been a way of life for Ang. From managing restaurants in her hometown of Geelong to managing restaurants in Melbourne and Hayman Island (where she met Silas), there’s not much Ang doesn’t know about how to run a restaurant! When Ang and Silas decided to open Pepper & Salt in 2010, Ang’s vision for the restaurant was to create an environment where you could blend a family friendly restaurant with great food and service.

‘I wanted a restaurant where you could take your kids out, were made to feel welcome and important and eat fantastic food and receive amazing service’.